Friday, March 13, 2015

Bookshelf Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here and with it comes a task that many people either love or hate- spring cleaning. Whether you are planning to do your whole house or certain areas, now is the perfect time for you to clean and organize your bookshelves as well. Depending on how many books you own and how old they are, it is never too earlier or late to take care of your books. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for your bookshelves.

Remove all of the books off your shelves. Depending on the last time you cleaned your bookshelf off, you may be able to get by with using a lightly damp cloth to wipe down your book case if it’s made of plastic, or you may want to consider using some furniture polish. Allow your shelves to dry completely before replacing any books or other items back onto the shelves.

Inspect each of your books for rips, tears, and missing jackets. Books that have torn or missing covers need to have those covers replaced to protect the pages inside. You don’t have to purchase all new books or to repurchase any books that are in poor condition unless that is something you want to do. Our Tennessee area bookstore carries book covers that you can use to replace any covers you have that are in poor condition. Besides, replacement book covers are an interesting and affordable way to add some additional color and d├ęcor to your media room.

When it comes time to replace your books on the shelves, consider doing so in a manner that adds a little flair and creativity to the overall look of our bookshelves once they are full. Mix things up by placing some books horizontally on the shelves and others vertically on the shelves. Alternate between sizes or color code them to organize them.

To learn more about how to care for your books visit us online or contact the Book Attic directly by phone at (615)-859-7219.

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