Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Now Is the Perfect Time to Get Started on Your Child’s Summer Reading List

As you get ready to take those last minute vacations or trips before the school season starts back up, don’t forget to check and see what’s on your child’s back to school and late summer reading list. Although your child may not be initially very eager to start reading, once you find the right books to spark their interests, you’ll have no trouble getting them to participate.

As you glance over the list, you may notice that some of those titles seem a little dry or boring. But that’s nothing to worry about. You see, one of the best things about books is that their titles can be misleading and in many cases don’t do the contents inside much justice. That’s why it is said to never judge a book by its cover. Book covers primarily serve to protect the pages of books from damage. Until you and your child actually open up those pages to read what’s inside, you’ll never know what you are missing.

Here are some ways you can encourage your child to happily devour the books on their reading list:

  • Don’t expect your child to grab every book they see on that reading list. Spend some time with them to discuss the titles that you may be familiar with and to look for the ones you aren’t too familiar with.
  • Set small goals. Your child has probably spent the majority of the summer relaxing. Don’t overwhelm them with the expectation of reading entire books. Have them read a few chapters and provide you with summaries about them so you know of they are understanding and or enjoying the material they have read.
  • Talk with them. Don’t just leave your child hanging in the wind after they have read their books. Actively engage them into a conversation that shows your interest and love for books. This will help to foster their love for reading and give you both a reason to spend more quality time together at your local bookstore in Tennessee.

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