Monday, August 24, 2015

Books Can Increase Social Awareness

It is a common misconception that reading is an activity that is best used as amusement. However, there are many more genres of books available than science fiction and fantasy. Interesting enough, certain books, such as classic fiction and literature can help readers to better understand the emotions of other people and improve their social awareness.

Social awareness is something that today’s generation of youth and many older people are lacking. Instead of being sympathetic and empathetic when appropriate, many people are acting as bullies and antagonizing others. With all of the negative behavior and activities going on, it’s amazing to see society has advanced as far as it has with this type of behavior being so prevalent.

There is no need to brainwash the masses to bring about change. Visiting the local bookstore in Nashville is all that is needed. Once inside, you don’t need to look for the self-help section. Simply stroll over to the classic literature aisle and take your pick of Charles Dickens or Anton Chekhov.

Classic literature works use very descriptive language and imagery to help the reader imagine themselves in the stories. These works tell their stories in a manner that encourages the reader to think and analysis what is going on. They force the reader to determine the appropriate course of action or response the characters should make. When people read literary works, they tend to use more of their thought processes to interpret and empathize with pseudo real-life situations. In turn, they can adapt, and use their new-found awareness in real life situations they encounter every day.

If more people would take as little as 15 minutes a day or every few days to read some classic literature, it is quite possible to transform the face of social awareness so that people treat each other better, and the world becomes a better place.

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