Thursday, October 29, 2015

4 Reasons Why eReaders Aren’t So Great

With so many technologically advanced products and electronics coming out, you can’t help but to wonder what will become of paperback and hardcover books. Even though there are eReaders and eBooks, many people still prefer the physical books. While there is nothing wrong with e-Readers, here are several things you can’t do with them that you can do with regular books.

1. Can’t Read in the Bath

If you have money laying around and don’t mind getting your electronic deice wet just so you can enjoy a good book, then go ahead bring your eReader to the tub. But, if you are not ready to risk possible electrocution, then your best and safest bet to relax in the water is to read a regular book.

2. Eat and Drink

While it is possible to eat and scroll, if you don’t want to end up constantly wiping off the screen on your tablet or reading device, you better start bring your paperback books to the table instead. Physical books can take a little abuse and still end up perfectly useable. An eReader is much more fragile.

3. Much More Expensive

Black Friday is approaching and even if you happened to score a great deal on a tablet, the price of e-books pretty much remains the same. Why spend most of your holiday spending money on a ton of eBooks when you can purchase their much more affordable paperback and hardcover counter parts?!

4. Not So Easily Replaceable

Depending on the type of eReader you have, what do you do when something happens that causes you to lose your precious eBooks? Well, some eReading apps provide backup copies as needed, but others don’t. If your eBooks disappear suddenly and your book collections are lost, you’ll have to repurchase them to replace them. But if you happen to purchase regular physical books, if your books become lost or damaged, you can always repurchase them in good used condition for a really low and affordable price at your local bookstore in Nashville.

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