Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nashville Books - Donate for Literacy

If your passion for reading has resulted in you amassing more books than you can handle in your home, it’s probably time for you to do something about it. Why not share your love of books with others who are less fortunate than you? Each year, business and individuals alike donate their time and tons of reading material to different organizations to help improve the literacy of the people living in the surrounding communities

Donating your unused books so that someone else can benefit from them is a great way for you to do your part and to get involved with your local community. Very few things are as rewarding as the sense of accomplishment and humanity you feel knowing that your efforts are improving someone’s quality of life.

Take some time to clean out your book collection. Don’t be afraid to get rid of those novels that you haven’t picked up since last year. You can always replace them with something new and start the cycle again another year. Make sure you sort them. Once you have them categorized and set aside to be donated, get online and look up some of the local charities and organizations who are accepting donations. You should even consider thrift stores and retail shops.

A great way to make your efforts even more noteworthy is to contact your friends and relatives so you can motivate them to match your donations in books or to donate some of their time and money. There are many people, of all ages who are not very literate and can benefit from someone taking the time teach them how to read. 

The Book Attic is a local Tennessee bookstore that is committed to serving the needs of its customers and the community. Feel free to so stop on by to find more books, media and gift cards to use to inspire others to support your good cause.

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