Monday, August 15, 2016

Books Are the Path to Enlightenment

You may be well informed about the many benefits of reading. But according to a recent study by researchers at Yale University, there is one benefit that you may be surprised to learn about. People who read tend to live longer than individuals who do not pick up a good book as often. Of course, in order to gain the benefit of a longer life, the reading material of choice should be something other than a magazine or newspaper. Reading isn’t exactly the fountain of youth. However, reading your favorite books more often can add almost two whole years to your life.

Struggling in School? Pick Up a Book!

In another study, a correlation was made between a person’s genetic background, their education and reading capabilities. With all of the issues plaguing the nation’s school systems, researchers at Florida State University decided to perform some research to determine if an individual’s learning ability and academic performance was influenced by genetics and their reading performance. It was found that students who had excellent reading abilities also had good grades in school, but usually when they lived and were instructed in a nurturing environment. The study also showed that students tended to perform poorly when they were instructed and lived in a less than ideal environment and that they also received lower grades.

While it is becoming more evident that reading can have a significant and positive impact on your life, you can’t take advantage of those benefits if you don’t make time to pick up a book to read very often. Even though the second study listed above was done on children, the results also have implications for adult students. If you are pursuing higher education, you should consider studying and reading your subjects in nurturing environments where learning is a priority like in a library.

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