Thursday, January 7, 2016

Creative Ways to Store Books in Your Home

If your love for books has you pondering where you will eat and sleep because there is simply not enough space in your home to accommodate you or any more books, you can probably benefit from these handy book storage tips.

Living Room

The space in-between your windows and in the corners of the room are good places to store books. Add bookcases to these spots to give the room a little personality that will immediately transform it from a traditional living room into a personal oasis that is filled with your favorite past time, books.


If you can’t quite fall asleep at night without reading your favorite novel, then one of the best places to keep your books is right underneath the edge of your bed. This location is easy to get to and helps to keep you from crowding your bed. Books aren’t very comfortable or fun to sleep on, although they are great to fall asleep to.

You can also give your bed a little style and some extra function by transforming the bottom of it into a small bookcase by adding some shelves or compartments. Or you could always upgrade your bed to one that already has built-in storage.


What’s a really good place to eat while losing yourself in your favorite story? The kitchen, of course. Transform your kitchen island or some cabinet space into a miniature bookcase. You can use shelves or storage cubes. The end result is the kitchen has a fun and relaxing feel that is hard to duplicate without books.

Stairway Wall

Transform the wall along your stairs into a bookcase. This will make it easier for everyone in the home to access their favorite books when they go up and down the stairs. This storage option allows you to make the most of the space you already have in a fun and unconventional manner.

You don’t need to have a lot of extra space inside of your home or invest into a ton of square and boring looking book cases to store your books on. You just need to get creative and think outside of the box so you can transform certain areas of your home into your own personal library.

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