Friday, January 22, 2016

Relatable Books Will Capture Your Children’s Interests

If you’re looking for a way to get your children to read more books, then it is time for you to pay close attention to what they currently like to read. Even if your children tend to read fairy tales and science fiction books more often than not, chances are you just need to find a way to add a little variety into their life. Today’s generation of kids tend to identify more with things when they are relatable. So the best way to boost their interest in books is to get them reading something that resonates with their spirits.

Pay Attention

Don’t just look at what they watch on television. Many kids will watch it out of sheer boredom. Instead, take a closer look at what your children like to do when they are in school and around their friends. Listen to them talk and engage them in conversations that allow them to express themselves. Mention their current reading choices and ask them questions about them. By interacting more with your children you can learn more about their interests, even the ones they may be hiding.

Choose Books Wisely

Don’t just choose books that fall neatly into your children’s interests. Stretch their minds and imaginations by selecting books that border those interests. Again, talk to your children and ask them if they would like to read any books you recommend for them. The goal is to get your children to actively interact with you so they’ll at least consider your suggestions.

Read the Books Yourself

Don’t recommend something that you have not taken the time to ready yourself. You want to be able to respond appropriately to your children if they have any questions. If you can’t answer their questions or they feel you don’t really know anything about what they are reading, then they won’t feel inclined to be interested in something you know nothing about.

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