Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reading: The Art of Improving Oneself

Whether you are someone who reads for sheer enjoyment or because you enjoy being able to conversate about a good book, there is no reason for you be picky about your reading selections. Sometimes the best books are the ones that you originally had no knowledge of until the moment you opened the binding. So if you are running out of ideas when book shopping or simply want to try something new, don’t hesitate to come to The Book Attic to pick a random book.

Engage Your Mind
Reading is an activity that keeps you young in mind, body and soul. It helps to keep you mentally agile. Not only will you be able to think on your feet, but you will also increase your creativity as well. These are traits that can help you tremendously in the workplace. Employers value workers who are able to contribute to the overall good of the company culture. Reading gives the ability to contribute while enhancing your vocabulary, metal capacity and productiveness.

Broaden Your Horizons
Of course, you won’t be very productive if you spend most of your time reading romance novels and science fiction. Even if those are your go to books, feel free to throw in some self-help, motivation, language, personal development and business books along the way. While you’re at, you can help to improve the company culture by encouraging your peers to read more as well

Inspire Others
Bring books and magazines to leave at the receptionist desks, lounge area and cafeteria. Let your coworkers and friends know about your favorite bookstore and why you like to go there. Start a book club and inspire everyone to join in to make reading for leisure or conversation a workplace activity.

No matter what your reasons are for reading, you are never too young or old to enjoy it. Bring yourself or some friends to The Book Attic so you can share your love of reading with those you care about.

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